Teak tables and Pearl Beer

This weeks featured vintage finds are FOR SALE right now on Craigslist! First up is this yummy coffee table that I completely refinished myself. Yep, I like to work in the garage. I don’t have a lot of time for this, but it is so satisfying to sand something down to and then make it beautiful again. I didn’t think this table needed it when I first got it, but once I got home and gave it a harder look, it had a very sad refinish job with lots of drips. I sanded this baby down and gave it a darker walnut stain to modernize it a bit and then finished it with a few coats of wipe on poly. It is stunning! The two tone of the wood and the wood grain really shine now.

If you are in Austin and you want it – come and get it. I am asking $300. What do you think?

Go see it on Craigslist now!

Next up is this super cool vintage metal Pearl beer sign. It would look sweet in your man cave, over a bar, on the patio, hmmmmm, or even in the living room. If I don’t sell it, it’s going out on my patio so come and get it quick! This metal sign is rusty and distressed, but the screenprint is new. I did not make this, I happened upon it whilst buying wayyyyyy too many vintage goodies from Paco in San Antonio. Don’t ask, I am a sucker for cool stuff. Yes, Paco sold me the coffee table too! He made me do it to get two awesome chairs that I hope to reupholster and refinish someday soon. Did I mention I am addicted to rehabbing vintage goodies? There, I said it, now you know me a little bit better.

Here’s the link to Craigslist!




2 Responses to “Teak tables and Pearl Beer”

  1. Melissa Martinez

    I’m dying to get my hands on one of these pearl beer signs. We saw two recently but they were already sold. Can you help me by telling me where I could get one? Thanks!

    • Katrina

      Hi! I bought it from a guy on Craigslist. He is in San Antonio and his name is Paco. He had more, so I would expect they would be for sale from time to time on – I found it on the Austin Craigslist.


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