Serendipity – Adobe Kuler Spoonflower Challenge

Kuler Spoonflower Challenge


So, this was an interesting challenge. Use the Adobe Kuler app to take a photo of your environment to derive the color palette for a pattern. I used my bedroom as it has lots of colors and I was thinking of doing something inspired by the Kantha quilt on my bed, which is pretty colorful. However, when I took the photo, the colors ended up very muted and the color palettes I was getitng were muted. But, I loved them! It was very unexpected and outside of my usual bright and cheery colors I use. I was hooked. I have been wanting to go more muted, but it just hasn’t worked until now. I HAD to use these colors – I love designing with a constraint.

I had come up with the pattern before the palette in this case, but wasn’t happy with the colors so this was my chance to use the moody colors and see what happened. The pattern was a surprise too because I originally wanted to do something simple on the diagonal. However, making a repeating pattern on the diagonal requires precise measurements and probably some math and there was no way I was going to do that, haha. So, I put the pattern onto Spoonflower and did a mirror repeat and VOILA – awesome geometric diamonds with a southwest / damask / I don’t know what pattern emerged. Love at first sight! I named it Serendipity because the whole process was surprising and meant to happen I think.

If I win this week, I get 1 year free subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud! Sweet! Go vote for me now!

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