Geek Pixels Pillow

8 bit Geek Pixels

Another fabric of the week contest entry. I didn’t win, but I came in 21st place out of almost 300 entries and I am proud of that! I decided to turn this fabric into a geeky pillow and added the word “Geek” to it for fun. I think it turned out fun! I am also toying with the idea of selling my patterns on pillows on Etsy with customizable names/ words. If there is a market for it, I will make it happen!

Buy your own Geek Pixel Pillow!

I am planning to get some cotton knit printed to make PJ’s for my son and hubby – they have both requested I sew them some lickety split! Once I order the fabric, this print will be available for sale in my Spoonflower store.

8-bit Pixels

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