Silly brother and sister

Conversations with Maddox and Verity

These kids crack me up. The silly conversations we have had, oh I wish I could remember them all! Here are a few that stick out.

In the back seat of the car, they had this one. Rudy and I were dying laughing in the front seat.
V: Maddie you have a penis. I don’t have a penis, I have a butt.
M: No, Verity, you have TWO BUTTS!
BAAHAHAHAHAHAH! Think about it!

We were snuggling in bed yesterday morning when we had this one:
Mama: Who are my favorites kids in the whole world?

Maddox: I am, I am the special-ist! My name has an x and an o in it, and that means kisses and hugs. So, I am the specialist!
Verity: I’m special too!
Mama: You are both my little “specialists”.

One morning at breakfast:
M: I had a dream last night that I was nothing for Halloween!
Mama: Oh really, how do you be nothing for Halloween?
M: I just wear my underwear and nothing else, and I am nothing! Big grin on his face. 😀

Maddox is quite funny, the little genius specialist.

In the bath the other night:
M: Do we have any salty balls?
Mama: um, what? HAHAHHA!!! (He means bath bombs). Did you buy some at the grocery store with Dada yesterday?
M: Did you put it on his list?
Mama: (Thinking, um excuse me? oh boy). No, I forgot to tell Dada.
M: Well, I saw a basket of balls and he said No.
(Oh well, no salty balls in the bath this week!!! HAHAHAH!)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Verity: I want to grow into you, Mama.
Maddox: I want to be a doctor that takes babies out of Mama’s bellies!
WOW, Cool!

Verity still has some words that she doesn’t pronounce quite right, or she makes up words when she’s not sure of the name.
Babwana – Banana
Yogrit – Yogurt
Checker – Stethoscope – she checks you out with it, therefore it’s a checker.

Both kids use words in their vocabulary that I am surprised by sometimes. They both say.
“Actually…”, “I’m pretending!”
“Once upon a time…” Verity says: “Upon a time…”.

We’ve gotten into telling stories at night, thanks to Dada. They are both pretty good at it! I will have to save that for another post.

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