My blog is moving!!

I have decided to consolidate my two websites into one – Please visit my blog over at katrinaberlin.com!

My dreams for 2011

I have a few things I wanted to accomplish in 2010 that haven’t materilized yet. I have been living in limbo this year and I don’t want to spend 2011 that way. If I can’t control some things, so be it. But, I won’t let the rest of my dreams sit in the waiting room while life passes us by. Here are some dreams that I am putting out there to make happen in 2011 (in no specific order)!

1. Health – Start exercising regularly. Yea, this is the good ole standby resolution made by many and abandoned by Jan 15th. I really need to do this though. I need to strengthen my back, get into a little better shape and feel better about how my 38 year old body looks. I have luckily reached my goal weight after having 2 babies, however everything is still not exactly where I want it to be. So, I need to shape up, strengthen and tone. I will sign up for a yoga class and start running again, even if just once a week, I just want to do something. I also am going to explore my eating and make some improvements there. I have Crohn’s disease and although it is manageable with medication, I am going to try to improve it with what I eat (and don’t eat). I may go gluten free for a while to see what happens. I am not looking forward to this, but it is something I want to try.

2. Spirituality – I am exploring new avenues of meeting my spiritual needs. Let’s just say that I need to explore my soul a little bit and find out what I really believe. I am going to start with some meditation and see where my heart and soul take me.

3. Children’s well being – My kids have a good life – we are safe, warm, clothed and they have plenty of food, books, toys, tools, and loveys. They get to spend time with us as much as we are available outside of work. I can’t change the fact that we both work full-time, but I can make the most of the time we have together. Since I am done with limbo, we will be signing up for some classes! I think I will take Maddox to a swim class – he is a little afraid of water and it will do him some good. Verity – I would like to do a music class with her – I hope I can go to the one at church on Sat – we will have to see if it is available. Jackson – I want to spend more time hanging and talking. We have had a renewed effort at talking, but the holidays got in the way a little bit. Next week we are going to spend some time with just Jackson. Believe it or not, teenagers do like to hang out with their parents and we need to do it more one-on-one with him without the minis scrambling for every minute of our attention.

4. Mental/Emotional – this encompasses a lot for me including my personal and professional life. I have already been working on ME for the last couple months. I have a coach and she is so AWESOME!! I am working on fixing my hang-ups so I can reach new heights in my career, be a better parent and wife, and feel better about myself. I am not getting any younger and life is too short to let anything hold me back. I am capable of so much and I have so many ideas I want to make happen for me and my family. My coach happens to be my best friend and I am her client while she is studying to be a “co-active coach”. I would never have sought this out on my own, but it has had an amazing effect on my life already. It has also really strengthened our friendship and made me realize how lucky I am to have her. Coaching is all about helping you be the best person you can be and be the real you. It also helps to improve your relationships with other people. I highly and emphatically recommend it to everyone! I have been to therapy a few times in my life, but this has been much more constructive focusing on making things happen. If you have any issues you want to work on, relationships that need help, work issues, ANYTHING, try a coach! Marcy is amazing! Even though she is learning right now, she has a natural gift for this. You can set up a free intro session with her and her rates are very low right now. Check her out at www.sustainedrenewal.com. This is not an ad, just wanted to share something with you that could change your life. She could really use your help too to get her new career started after being a stay-at-home mom for the last 5 years.

5. Creative – I have a very, very strong need to design/create. I CANNOT deny it any longer! I can see my creative empire and I need to create it. I have so many things I love to do and I want to find the one or two things that I can focus on and make happen. These are hobbies for now, but someday I hope to meld them with my career. I have a design career already that fills my needs for design, but I need to explore some other avenues too. For one, I love interior design. I love to read about it, do it, and make things for my home including renovating furniture. I have developed a love for mid-century furnishings as well as high design. I can’t afford to do all the things I want to right now, but plan to focus more on this in the future. I also love graphic design. From designing cards and posters to patterns, I love it all. I help friends and family with any of their design needs – like the logo at sustainedrenewal.com. I have also developed a love for fabric and would love to design patterns for fabrics. I am also a novice sewer and would like to do this more too, with fabric I have designed. It is scary to put these things out here because now I have to actually DO something! I really need to find some time for this, my time is so precious now and most of it is spent with my children, husband and work. But, I see having more time for this in my future, I have to!

So, there it is. Some of my dreams out there for all to see. What are your dreams? Make them happen, you can do it!

In reflection of 2010 – this has been a year of limbo as I said. Without going into too much detail, the slow economy has prevented us from making one of our big dreams happen. But, I know it will soon. This past year has been an amazing one regardless. I have watched my baby girl grow into a spunky toddler who runs around the house screeching and chasing after her brother. Maddox has grown into a little boy who can speak so well it amazes me everyday with the words that he knows. He can put some pretty serious sentences together, notices things I would never notice and even has a little sense of humor. Jackson – oh Jackson. He is my stepson who is really just my son. I love him so much and he has so much potential, it is amazing. He needs me so much, and I need him. He has grown into a seriously handsome and smart young man. He graduated from high school this year and started college. The teenage years with him have not been smooth – but what teenager is easy? He has challenged us to really look at ourselves and strive to be better parents. He has not had it easy – but he is doing great now and knows what he wants to do with his life. He is succeeding at everything he does right now and that is so great! Rudy and I are going strong – we had our 5 year anniversary this year. Life has had its ups and downs, but we are stronger in spite of it. We are still a little overwhelmed with being full-time workers and parents, but we are figuring it out and focusing on achieving the balance that we need. We are conscious of the needs that everyone has now and are working to meet them. Goodbye 2010!!! We look ahead to a VERY exciting, prosperous, peaceful and happy 2011!

Welcome to our new blog home!

Welcome to my new blog home for Verity and Maddox. I felt it was time to move to a new place (finally) to record our lives. I started my first blog, Bebe Amour, over 4 years ago to document our struggles with infertility on our quest to become parents. It has been a wild ride, to say the least, but we obviously had the best possible outcome. I am extremely blessed to have a beautiful 2 year old son, Maddox Berlin, and a 10 month old daughter, Verity Claire.

I continued writing my first blog to record all the special moments, photos and to keep a record of Verity and Maddox stats as they grew. So, this is partly an online baby book I am keeping as well as a way to keep family and friends up to date since most of them are far away. But, I occasionally will write about working motherhood as I am a full time working mom, married life, divorce (I am married for the second time), stepfamilies/blended families and of course infertility. I hope to touch on all these subjects as they do affect me in a big way all the time. So, I hope you will come back and read on occasion!

Just some info about the new blog. I switched to using a new blog platform, WordPress, mostly because I wanted to learn how to use it and it is a very powerful publishing platform for not only blogs, but any kind of website. I am now going to work on updating my professional website using WordPress, so this was a practice run. I am a little techno geek, so can get by tweaking the html and css – so if you need any help with a basic website, let me know! I am a designer by trade though, in my work life I design complex business applications for the web concentrating on user-centered design to ensure a usable (easy-to-use) and useful web application. In my personal life though, I am Miss Creative and Crafty, so I do graphic design too along with photography, sewing and painting and decorating, etc. So, I designed almost all the visuals you see on this website including the pattern in the background (a new hobby of mine – designing patterns), the logos, etc. The banner pics at the top, aside from the pics of Verity and Maddox came from the WordPress theme, but I will be slowly updating/adding new ones as we go along. So, I guess this blog will also be a showcase for some of my design work and photography too. I have taken all the photos of my kids since they were born, aside from the pro pics that were taken at the hospital. One other thing – writing is not my strong suit. So, if you notice bad writing, grammar or editing, it is what it is. I usually try to read through my posts once or twice to ensure I haven’t made any errors, but I hope that as I continue to write, my skills will get better!

So, lastly, just about how this blog works. The current blog post will be featured on the home page, with all the past posts organized into categories at the bottom of this page (which aren’t completely filled yet), and the previous posts also on the right sidebar. You can click on categories to find “articles” about one baby or topic in particular, or scroll to the bottom to see the archives and see a months worth of posts. If you run into any problems while using my site, please leave me a comment!

One last thing about comments – I want you to leave some!! I know there are a small group of people who have visited my old blog on occasion, but most of you don’t leave comments. This is a nice thing to do for me so I know you are reading. But, it is also a chance for you to comment on things I am writing about, or just to put in your two cents on the topic. So, I appreciate your time in reading and leaving comments if you wish to do so. If you are a blogger too, I will return the favor for sure!!!

Thanks everyone for visiting and I hope you enjoy our updated blog!