Art Decals DIY

Big empty walls are hard to decorate, especially when there is a big TV in the middle of it and 10 foot ceilings. We put up some art to the left and top of the TV kind of asymmetrically, but there was still a big empty space on the right that I thought I would eventually fill with more photos. Then, I bought some awesome Rex Ray decals from Blik and put them in the sunroom. OMG, I LOVE Rex Ray so much! He is an American artist and his mixed media paintings are A M A Z I N G! I have a print of his on canvas and these decals, they are so pretty.

When Spoonflower launched decals as one of the mediums you could print on, I knew I had to do some custom decals for that space on the wall a la Rex Ray / Blik.

I had painted an abstract painting and placed it over the bed, so thought that would be perfect to make the decals out of. Here are the steps I followed to make this happen – it’s easy, I promise.

1. Get Inspired!!!

Find an image or painting you want to convert to decals. Take it outside, preferably, and take some crisp photos off it with your flash off. A cloudy day, or early in the morning when the light is softer would be good so there is no direct sun. You can also scan your image if it is small enough. Please use an image you have the rights to! OR, go to my spoonflower shop and buy decals of one of my patterns, or one of the many awesome images and patterns available!

My Inspiration:



2. Edit it in Photoshop or PicMonkey, whatever image editing software you have. PicMonkey is amazing and free!

I opened the photo in Photoshop to crop it and bump up the saturation a little to make the colors a little brighter. I also used a little blur or oil painting effect on it to soften it and remove the texture of the canvas.

3. Upload to Spoonflower and print.

Save the image as a PNG file and upload it to Spoonflower after creating your account. Since this is a painting you want to either make the image fit on one decal, or you can use the mirror repeat so there are no weird repeat problems with your image. I used mirror repeat and made the image larger and smaller until I liked how it looked. Add to cart and print! A week or so later your decal arrives in the mail!

4. Cut and Stick.

Decide on a shape and design first to plan out your cuts. I did simple oblong shapes that I placed vertically or horizontally. I used plain old scissors to cut these shapes, but if you want perfectly straight cuts, I recommend using a paper cutter or razor cutter of some sort on a self healing mat. I cut the decal into different length strips, then cut the edges into the round shape. They are not totally perfect, but I wanted an organic look. You can cut them all at once, or cut a few to get started, then keep cutting them as you place them on the wall. They are pretty easy to remove and restick too, so you don’t have to freak out about getting it perfect the first time!