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Thrifty Thursday – Milo Baughman Recliner

I have an addiction to the Austin thrift stores and Craigslist. This is a later in life thing, I used to hate going to antique stores with my parents looking at all the junk. But, I have developed a taste for mid century modern and quirky vintage stuff! And, buying used is eco-friendly and I am a little bit of a save the planet type of person. I also love Hollywood Regency, Italian, Art Deco, French Art Deco or 70s and 80s design, but it has to be clean lines, modern, unique and have a little funk! Think Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler – I love those bitches! I cannot afford their stuff though, so have to peruse the antique and thrift stores looking for similar wares.  I have somehow managed to fill my garage and home with some unfinished, but very promising, projects. I am going to start sharing them with you!

This week is like the score of a lifetime, in my opinion. Rudy and I have been looking for chairs for our living room forever. He wanted a recliner. Yuck! Well, there are some awesome modern recliners out there, thank goodness, but guess what? They all cost over $2000, at least! We have been seriously considering buying this one from Room and Board in navy blue leather. Yea, it would have cost us like $2300 bucks or so. We have been waiting until we had the money, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Then, we spotted some newly released Milo Baughman chairs at Nest in downtown Austin. I LOVE MILO BAUGHMAN!!! He is a furniture designer. Rudy saw the recliner and said he really liked it. Really? A cool, Milo Baughman recliner that my hubby likes too? I love it when we have the same taste in something.

As a side note, I have been searching for some Milo Baughman vintage chrome tub chairs, like these, for quite some time.


I have found new ones and old ones, but they are just too expensive. I want to have them custom upholstered in whatever fabric my little heart desires. If you have some, or know anyone who wants to sell them to me, let me know! Anyway. (That’s for you, Dad!) My Dad LOVES it when I say “Anyway”. I guess I say it alot.

Anyway, I haven’t found my dream pair of chairs yet, but… we found Rudy’s!!! Well, I found it. On Craigslist! WOOT!

It is in pretty good condition – needs some sanding/restaining and tightening up, but it works great and is comfy. We scored it for $600. I can’t believe it. I just found 3 identical vintage ones on 1stdibs for between $2150 and $3400. WOW!!!! 1stdibs is for rich people, or not so smart rich people, geez, the prices are insane!  You can buy a brand spanking new one at Nest or Design Within Reach starting at the bargain price of $3100. Well, here is Rudy’s new man chair. We may get it reupholstered in some snazzy velvet or soft leather someday, but for now, it works fine! Do you like mid century design?