Verity, my little girl

Verity has grown up a lot since we moved. She went from being a baby to being a little girl, complete with pigtails and a very sassy attitude. She walks, runs, jumps and can beat up on her brother pretty good. She is also very loud. I mean LOUD. She can scream, screech and yell louder than most people I’ve seen. She has been in the terrible two phase for a while now, she screams and stomps her feet and makes a big ole ruckus when she is not getting her way. We have tried ignoring the screaming – it kind of works. I need to get better at disciplining her and getting her to listen. She just doesn’t seem to get the time out thing, she won’t sit still, just laughs at me. I know I have trained her this way and will have to fix it, but she just doesn’t seem capable of these things. She is very smart in some ways, but in other ways I still think of her as a baby. She is milking it, I know.

She has a huge vocabulary now. She can talk in sentences and repeats many things. Most people probably can’t understand everything she says, but she is a very good talker for 22 months. Here is a sampling of some of the funny and cute things she says. She can say a lot of other things very clearly, these are the things that crack me up and are so cute.

Mamuk (makeup)- Loves Mama’s makeup and brushes
Tay tay – hair things like rubber bands and barrettes are called tay tays –  not sure where that came from, but it’s cute!
Izzo – Lizard!
Boobie (boo boo – an ouchie). She also calls boobies “boobies”, and seems pretty interested in them, I’ll leave it at that, ha.
Bok bok (lunchbox)
See? While pointing at something.
Watey (water)
I want my buddie! (bunny)
I want my (shoes, milkie, fill in the blank here)…
I do it!
Why Mama? Why Why Why? She says that a lot. I am in for it with this little girl, I think.
What happened?
And of course, NO!

She loves shoes – we got her some new sparkly mary janes before she started school. She loves her shoes, but as soon as she gets in the car, she takes them off. She either likes her feet to be free, or just loves the process of taking them off, not sure. She can put them on herself now – almost always on the wrong feet. I don’t have the heart to tell her, she is so good at putting them on! She loves to wear mommy’s shoes too and goes click clacking around the house in my high heels. She has the cutest little calves in my high heels.

She is such a teeny little thing, but has a big presence. She is actually quite tall and thin for her age. She takes after her Dada. She loves her babies and her “sweepy” (broom). She loves wipeys (baby wipes) and runs around the house cleaning things. But, she can usually be found following Maddox around, doing whatever he is doing. He gets annoyed with her though, doesn’t want to share. She loves the play kitchen too – likes to cook, especially in the microwave. She likes to climb and jump too – she is quite fearless, which is the opposite of Maddox. He is cautious and she will do anything! She also loves to play outside, both Mad and her love to dig in the dirt and play ball and run around the yard barefoot, which I hate because there are lots of yucky critters in Texas.

Her personality is quite sassy – I am a little worried she is going to be a horrible teenager. But, I need to not set her up for that, she may calm down and be a chill girl, you never know, right? She is just very independent, loud, and just cute as a button. So, yea, she basically gets away with murder. Ha ha! I love her to pieces though, I can’t believe what a lucky mama I am to have her in my life. I love you my little precious Verity Claire!

Here are some pics of the pretty princess!!

V’s first haircut

I have a hard time getting any good close up photos of this one, she won’t sit still!!

A rare loving moment between siblings…

The girl who never smiles (in pictures anyway)

My baby is growing up – here she is with her very own backpack on her first day of preschool.

In case you didn’t know, it’s hot here in TX. They loved the makeshift swimmin’ hole Jackson made!

She’s just so sweet – when she’s sleeping!

A rare smile for the camera!!

I guess I have to take back the no smile comment – here she is grinning! What a ham!

Wild child on the swing – look at those cute pigtails!

We moved to Austin!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, so this post is an update on the last 6 months. We finally made our dreams come true and we now live in Austin, TX! It was a long haul, but we are settled in our new home happily enjoying the sunshine and southern friendliness. We are also enjoying living near my family. It has been a very long time since I lived in the same town as my parents and brother and I am LOVING it.

Long Story Short
We rented out our home in Naperville at the end of February since selling wasn’t an option and packed our bags for warmer weather. I moved in with my parents and the kids and spent the next several months looking for a home to rent or buy. We found a beautiful new home in a master planned community that we fell in love with in southwest Austin. I will be posting on our house later, so look for that because I have been having a blast decorating. We moved in at the end of May and have been unpacking and getting used to our new digs since. We had one major setback during the move – Jackson was in a serious motorcycle accident a couple weeks before he was scheduled to come to Texas. He spent 3 weeks in the hospital with several broken bones. He is still having physical therapy now, but is almost good as new. He has made an almost complete recovery and we are so glad to have him here with us and are very thankful.

Jackson has started college at Austin Community College and Maddox and Verity started preschool last week. Yes, PRESCHOOL! Time flies – my babies are growing up so fast. We are very happy to have found this program at a nearby Lutheran Church that takes younger kids Verity’s age – she is in the Toddler class with kids 18 months – 2 years old. Maddox is in the Three’s class. They both love it so far – they go from 8am – 3:30pm. Rudy works an earlier day and picks them up. It is working out good for us and we are very happy!

Here’s some pics from the last few months. I will catch up on the babies in some upcoming posts.



In the car, on our way to Austin!



V wanted to drive to Austin…Mmmmm, No.


We made a pit stop at Graceland in Memphis. It was so awesome!

With Mamie and Papa on Easter…


It was just me and my babies for 3 months… Yes, we lived with Mamie and Papa and they helped me out, but it was still hard! And we missed our Dada so much!

Silly Maddie…

Sunday dinner at Aaron and Shannon’s home. Cousin Eva is our new best friend!

The joy of the season

Some photos of our Christmas celebrations

The magic of Christmas morning…

It was the best Christmas yet!

Big brother Jackson idolized by his baby brother and sister…!

Maddox and Santa

Verity and her owl ornament

Beautiful Baby Verity Claire

After Berlin Christmas we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and had some fun at the indoor waterpark!!

Christmas was so much fun this year! Maddox is finally old enough to sort of get it – I started to talk about Santa and Christmas and presents a couple weeks before Christmas. He seemed very excited about Christmas morning. But, when we went downstairs that morning…. He was very excited about his “kitchen set” and immediately dragged it out away from the tree so he could play with it. Then, he didn’t really want to open any more presents! I think he thought presents were something you get and play with, but not open and see what’s inside. But, we got him to open some gifts and Mama opened the rest. We saved some for later in the day to open with Rudy’s mom so we could spread out the fun. The kids love their new toys. Maddox especially loves his Handy Manny tool box and tools and his “kitchen set” as he calls it. Verity got two purses and loves them both! But, she really loves the kitchen too – she got more food and pots and pans and Maddox and her love to play cook together! Well, actually they don’t play that well together, Maddox thinks all the toys are his and he isn’t a fan of sharing with his sister. They both got a 7 dollar cell phone from Santa that they play with all the time – it is usually the cheap gifts they love the most. We tried not to go overboard, but bought more gifts than we have in the past 2 years. There seemed to be a lot of presents under the tree, but they are from other family as well. Thanks to everyone who got the kids such awesome gifts! The gifts I love are all the books they received. I counted them and they got a combined 34 books! Sheesh! That is so great! Maddox really loves books and Verity will too I am sure. Merry Christmas to you and your family and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!!!

Halloween catchup!

I am catching up on my blogging! Here is our halloween (continued). The day was spent for V’s birthday, then we went trick-or-treating! Maddox was Mickey Mouse and Verity was Minnie Mouse. We went door to door in our hood, Maddox had a great time!! He had no problem going up to people’s doors and saying “Twick or Tweat!” (with a little prompting of course). He also was not shy about grabbing handfuls of candy to put in his bag, hee hee. He even waltzed into a few people’s homes to do so, so cute.

We stopped by a neighbor’s and got a tour of their very modern home which we hadn’t seen, then went home. The kids each ate a piece of candy and then fell into bed exhausted. It was a great day all in all and now one of my favorite holidays!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Baby V!

My beautiful baby girl turned 1 years old! I know it was over a month ago, but I am just a little behind on my blogging. I am a little surprised at how fast the last year went by. It seems like just yesterday I was holding this tiny peanut in my arms and now she is busting her way into toddlerhood. She is zooming around the house like she has always been able to walk, it is amazing! She is even talking, the little whiz bang smarty pants! She is probably just repeating things that Maddox says, but she certainly knows how to say “no!”, “mama” and “dada”. She also says “HI!! It also sounds like she can say “Sit down” and “Stop it!”, which are two things Maddox says to her. Other words in the last week are “Good Bye!” and “Night Night!”.  She is moving a little faster in that department than Maddox did, which is just fine, girls are a little smarter than boys (hehehe) and she does have a big brother to emulate.

So, I had a little get together on Halloween and had just a few people over with their kids. The kids wore costumes, we ate some brunch and pizza, gave the kids prizes for their costumes, opened gifts, ate cake and bam, we were done. It was about 2 hours of mayhem that left my house covered in frosting, but was a fun time! I had a little fun making decorations and trying to merge a little girls party with halloween without being too halloweeny. I think it turned out just perfect! Verity chowed down a vanilla cupcake with about a half pound of frosting on it, then took a nice nap. Later that day, we went trick or treating! It was a blast, Maddox especially loved it. More on that in another post though. Here are some pics of V’s birthday! I also took her to the doc right on her birthday – she is a little supermodel that one, tall and thin. She is doing great all around though, she gained a pound and grew less than an inch. I will have to get the stats and add them in later. Happy Birthday my sweet baby V, Mama and Dada love you so much!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Gearing up for a 1st Birthday costume fashion gala!

I’m having a little birthday gala on Halloween to celebrate our little pixie’s first birthday! More pics to come, but Mama is having so much fun planning this little party! I didn’t want it to be too Halloweeny, but wanted to incorporate costumes. So, it’s a fashion show gala! Verity will be Minnie Mouse and Maddox will be Mickey Mouse! Mama will be “Mama Mouse” and Dada will be scary Pete! It will be a fun, exciting day for everyone!

Raspberries, lavender and V, oh my!

Here are some pics of Verity I have taken with my iPhone. I am having fun with Hipstamatic (iphone camera app). I take a lot of pics with the phone that are cute, so here are a few! You can click on each photo to see a larger version.

Verity is developing quite the personality at 11 months! She definitely wants to be heard and paid attention to and will make a lot of noise to get it. She yells and screams when she has to to get your attention. It is one of those piercing screams that splits your head in half too, love that! She is so frickin’ cute though, so I overlook the screaming. She loves to give Mama raspberries – she climbs on me and puts her mouth on my belly or my arm and blows and makes the little toot toot noises (you know what I mean), then she looks at me and laughs! It is pretty cute. She also loves to give the standard baby open mouthed kisses. I say “give mama a kiss!” and she comes down on me with a huge open mouth and usually clamps onto my noise or my mouth and just hangs out there for a while. I love it!

She is very mobile now. She can crawl all over the place and loves to climb the stairs. She gets going on a mission toward the stairs and there is no stopping her. She can get up to the top in no time and really scares Mama – we have to keep our eye on her constantly. She also loves to climb up on Maddie’s step stool and Land of Nod cushy chair. This morning she climbed up on the stool because Maddox was still in bed and stood there looking at him in his bed (the stool is next to the bed) and said “Maaa! Maaa!” as if to say – I give you kisses! or Get out of bed! Not sure. She loves to climb up on the chair though and then throw herself onto the floor, she thinks that is sooooo much fun. Initially there was a pillow laying in front of the chair and she would land on the pillow. But, she will do it onto the floor too – it is a little scary and so cute. She does it from a kneeling position so she isn’t falling far or anything. She lands like a cat though, right on her tiny hands. She loves pillows too by the way, if there are pillows on the floor she is laying all over them. She is also walking now too. She can cruise around the furniture and will walk up to 6 steps at a time right now until she teeters over. She doesn’t seem to have much fear – she just goes until she falls, then continues crawling. She doesn’t seem to mind falling down, so that is good. She is getting better and better every day. She will probably be walking all over the place by 12 months! We went out and got her and Maddox some new shoes, so she can wear her shoes outside and walk around if she wants.

One day, my little mischief maker was roaming around my room and bathroom while I was filling the tub for a bath. I turned around and didn’t see her so looked in the “toilet room” and there she was with lavender all over the place, some in her mouth and the rest on the floor just standing by the toilet like “so what?”. I had a little dish of lavender sitting on the back of the toilet and she found it and spread it all around! Yummy!

I think I am holding V back a little. I feel bad, but I am not as aware as I should be of the things she could be doing at her age. She looks so tiny and frail, but she is a scrappy little gal. Anyway, at dinner time I usually give her some baby food and something for her to feed herself. Well, the other night, I didn’t have anything to give her to feed herself and she was just wailing at the table. I sometimes can’t figure out why she is so upset at the dinner table, but I think I know now! I gave her the spoon and the bowl and she proceeded to scoop up the food and feed herself! I was a little surprised, but like I said, she is able to do more than I give her credit for. Of course there was broccoli mush everywhere, but she was happy as a clam for a while. I think she sees her brother feeding himself and she wants to do it too! Of course she eventually threw the bowl on the floor, and since it was a glass bowl, it smashed to smithereens everywhere! Just another normal dinner time cleanup for Mama!  I won’t be giving her a glass bowl anymore, hah.

I am currently trying to plan a little birthday party and it is looking like it will be on Halloween since I am hoping my parents will be in town that weekend. I am struggling to come up with the proper “theme” so I can make the invites and get them out. I am a little behind on this. I don’t really want to have a typical halloween theme, but I do want it to be a costume party. I am thinking Pink Pumpkin costume party or just a Minnie Mouse dressup party or something to that effect. I know it doesn’t really matter – I just need to have an idea that I can design the invites and decorations, menu and cake around, no big deal!! I better get this figured out soon. I will have to call my party planning expert friend Marcy and get some ideas from her! I will definitely have some pics and info to share from the pink halloween mouse party or whatever!

Verity – 9 month update and 10 months old today!

My little pretty princess is 10 months old! It is unbelievable to me that she is growing up so fast. She is cruising around the furniture now – this just happened in the last couple weeks. She is quite the spunky, extremely loud and adorable little diva and I couldn’t be more proud. Here are some pics from the last few months…

Here are Verity’s stats from her 9 month checkup:

Height: 27 3/4 inches (75th percentile)

Weight: 17lbs 13 oz (25th percentile)

My princess is tall and thin! She is actually a 1/2 inch taller than Maddox was at 9 months, but almost 3 lbs lighter. She is definitely more petite than Maddox ever was, but she still has some cute baby chubb!

Here’s what the princess is up to lately!

She is a spunky little Mama’s girl! She screams at the top of her lungs to get your attention and also likes to grunt like a little monster. She will put her mouth on me somewhere, like my knee, and pull off and say “MA!, MA!, MA!”, like she is kissing me. She is so fricking cute I can’t even stand it. She is a little clingy and needy when she is tired, hungry or doesn’t feel good, but what little baby girl isn’t? She is a cute, vibrant and sassy little sweetheart.

Verity is all out busy all the time. She kicks her legs constantly, like she just can’t wait to get going! It is a challenge to change her diaper or her clothes. She is cruising around the furniture now. She was pulling herself up to stand on everything, then of course, while I was in NY for work, she pulled herself up on Maddie’s motorcycle and it started moving and she walked behind it! Dada sent me a video of that momentous moment. She is crawling too of course, she can zoom all over the place and is usually following me around. She has also started to climb stairs, yikes! She reaches her hands in the air when she wants to be picked up as you see in the picture above. She also started waving recently too – she has the cutest little beauty queen wave opening and closing her hand while giving her coquettish little grin. She also high fived me the other night at dinner. She was doing such a good job eating that I high fived her, and she giggled. So, I did it again and again and pretty soon she was reaching to hit my hand. She is starting to copy her big brother and is just IN LOVE with him. Maddox can make her laugh more than anyone. It is the most wonderful feeling when you see your kids interacting with each other.

V is allergic to Bananas. I probably mentioned this before, but maybe not. We are a little behind on her solid food eating – it was tough going at first because she was getting really bad diaper rash when she started eating solid food. We kept stopping and starting again to try to figure out what was bugging her, although the doctor said that the diaper rash didn’t indicate an allergy. When we were in Michigan on vacation, I stopped everything for a few days except rice cereal, then added in bananas thinking that was a safe bet. WRONG! By the third day at lunch, she got a rash on her chin after eating. I didn’t think too much of it and gave her bananas for dinner. She got another rash on her face that faded a bit. We put her to bed and an hour or so later, she woke up crying. She had hives all over her body. It was 9:30pm or so and we were in the styx. I was pretty FREAKED out!!! We called the doctor and they said as long as she could breathe and didn’t have a fever, she would be ok. I sent Rudy out to find an open store to find some hydrocortisone and benadryl, but nothing was open, ACK! All I had was some itch relief lotion for bug bites so I put some on and tried to rock her to sleep. I couldn’t put her down in her bed, she wouldn’t stay asleep. So, Mama was up most of the night worried about my little sweetheart, holding her in the recliner and then watching her finally sleep in her crib. We got some benadryl in the morning and she was fine. So, we need to go see the allergist soon, I haven’t made that appt yet. We are avoiding bananas of course, and other fruits that could potentially be a problem like kiwis, mangos and avocado. She is doing just fine now and is feeding herself diced up fruit and veggies. She loves it and loves to feed herself. The poor dear has no teeth yet though, so I am going to have to keep chopping it up enough and making sure it is soft enough for her to mash between her gums. I hope she gets some teeth soon!

She is a good sleeper, but nap time is not as great. She doesn’t sleep as long as Maddox did I don’t think. At day care she has some bad naps, sometimes only an hour. But, she goes to bed around 8pm and sleeps until around 6am now which is wonderful.

It is still very surreal to me when I realize I have a daughter. I am just so lucky, I can’t believe it sometimes. It is hard to think that three years ago, I had no idea if I would ever be a mother and now all of my dreams have come true. I love my babies so much!!